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Highly flexible cable application solution
High flexible cable is that the cable can be used in the case of high speed or high frequency movement, the bending life of cable is the standard to measure the high flexibility performance. Qiaopu cable use import material, advanced equipment and mature technical condition, so the bending of high flexible cable is smaller and service life is longer.
Industrial automation cable application solutions:
New energy vehicle charging cable is a cable, generally used outdoor environment, need have features such as sunlight resistance, rain resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance and so on, high-performance requirements of the cable sheath, high flexibility, need long time use. Our company production of new energy sources using a thin copper cable strand wire collocation imported polyurethane raw materials, after mature technology and experience, strict quality from the inside to the outside of the control, to ensure that the new energy vehicle charging cable not only beautiful, but also more durable.
Submarine cable application solutions:
Submarine cable is a kind of cable that can be used in seawater or even submarine for a long time. The cable needs to be hydrolyzed resistant, microorganism resistant and corrosion resistant. The cable use polyurethane material and special cable forming structure, have the long service life. Qiaopu cable has developed for many years, it is widely used in submarine monitoring, submarine lighting and other equipment. The technical conditions are mature and stable, worthy of trust.
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