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Class 5 copper conductor

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Imported flexible PUR sheath

T-HPMC servo PUR non-shield cable 0.6/1KV
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T-HPMC flexible PUR servo non-shield cable with UL & cUL certification and CE certification, it can be used in North American and European market. It is used for servos and drive motors of Siemens and other famous brands. The product has high flexibility, PUR outer sheath makes this cable suitable for extremely harsh industrial environments and the environment with corrosive coolant and lubricating oil. It has excellent oil resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-microbial, hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance, protect the cable from mechanical force. Longer life than normal cable. It is suitable for outdoor installation. It is recommended to use shielded T-HPMCS series products when there is electromagnetic interference outside.


Product structure:

Conductor: stranded bare copper, accord with UL758 standard

Insulation: special PVC

Core: stranded cable, color cores accord with VDE 0293
JZ black core, white digital code, with yellow green wire

JB color core, with yellow green wire

OZ black core, white digital coding, without yellow green conductor.

OB color core, without yellow green wire
Outer Sheath: special PUR
Outer Sheath Color: black and grey
Technical parameters:

Working voltage: Power cable: U:1000V UL+cUL U0/U: 0.6/1KV; Data cable: 300V
Test Voltage: Power Cable: 4000V; Data Cable: 1500V

Insulation resistance: ≥20MΩ/km (20°C)
Minimum bending radius:

Mobile installation: about 15 x D (cable outer diameter).

Fixed installation: about 4 x D (cable outer diameter)

Working temperature:

Mobile installation: -30 to +80

Fixed installation: -40 to +80
Flame Retardant Characteristics: accord with VW1, FT1

Product characteristics and certifications:

1. Good mechanical properties and excellent electrical insulation

2, Flexibility, oil resistance

3, Long life

Type No. No. of Cores + 
AWG per conductor
No. of Cores + 
mm2 per conductor
Outer diameter 
(mm Max.)
Ref weight 
(kg / km) 
T-HPMC (3+T)*18AWG (3+T)*1.0 10.4  176.0 
T-HPMC (3+T)*16AWG (3+T)*1.5 11.2  213.5 
T-HPMC (3+T)*14AWG (3+T)*2.5 12.1  259.9 
T-HPMC (3+T)*12AWG (3+T)*4 13.3  340.4 
T-HPMC (3+T)*10AWG (3+T)*6 16.3  523.1 
T-HPMC (3+T)*8AWG (3+T)*10 19.7  787.0 
T-HPMC (3+T)*6AWG (3+T)*16 24.3  1151.6 
T-HPMC (3+T)*4AWG (3+T)*25 27.8  1569.7 
T-HPMC (3+T)*2AWG (3+T)*35 34.7  2533.4 
T-HPMC (3+T)*1/0AWG (3+T)*50 41.0  3608.2 
T-HPMC (3+T)*2/0AWG (3+T)*70 44.7  4402.0 
T-HPMC (3+T)*3/0AWG (3+T)*95 51.2  5799.5 
T-HPMC (3+T)*18AWG+2*20AWG (3+T)*1.0+2*0.75 10.5  169.5 
T-HPMC (3+T)*16AWG+2*18AWG (3+T)*1.5+2*1.0 11.2  207.5 
T-HPMC (3+T)*14AWG+2*18AWG (3+T)*2.5+2*1.0 12.2  256.4 
T-HPMC (3+T)*12AWG+2*16AWG (3+T)*4+2*1.5 13.4  340.4 
T-HPMC (3+T)*10AWG+2*16AWG (3+T)*6+2*1.5 16.4  480.1 
T-HPMC (3+T)*8AWG+2*16AWG (3+T)*10+2*1.5 19.8  714.3 
T-HPMC (3+T)*6AWG+2*16AWG (3+T)*16+2*1.5 24.4  1089.4 
T-HPMC (3+T)*4AWG+2*16AWG (3+T)*25+2*1.5 27.9  1568.5 
T-HPMC (3+T)*2AWG+2*16AWG (3+T)*35+2*1.5 34.9  2903.7 
T-HPMC (3+T)*1/0AWG+2*16AWG (3+T)*50+2*1.5 41.2  4108.8 
T-HPMC (3+T)*18AWG+2*2*20AWG (3+T)*1.0+2*2*0.75 11.2  182.3 
T-HPMC (3+T)*16AWG+2*2*18AWG (3+T)*1.5+2*2*1.0 12.1  229.9 
T-HPMC (3+T)*14AWG+2*2*18AWG (3+T)*2.5+2*2*1.0 13.1  280.6 
T-HPMC (3+T)*12AWG+2*2*16AWG (3+T)*4+2*2*1.5 14.5  373.2 
T-HPMC (3+T)*10AWG+2*2*16AWG (3+T)*6+2*2*1.5 17.8  515.8 
T-HPMC (3+T)*8AWG+2*2*16AWG (3+T)*10+2*2*1.5 21.6  756.7 
T-HPMC (3+T)*6AWG+2*2*16AWG (3+T)*16+2*2*1.5 26.7  1169.9 
T-HPMC (3+T)*4AWG+2*2*16AWG (3+T)*25+2*2*1.5 30.9  1913.4 
T-HPMC (3+T)*2AWG+2*2*16AWG (3+T)*35+2*2*1.5 38.5  2965.1 
T-HPMC (3+T)*1/0AWG+2*2*16AWG (3+T)*50+2*2*1.5 45.6  4033.3 
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